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Bio: CJ Horoff

CJ Horoff is a self-taught, multifaceted artist who displays a vast range of unique styles.  Her portfolio includes two-dimensional paintings and three dimensional wall-sculptures. cj 1

CJ’s art career began in her hometown of Omaha Nebraska. During her teen years, she was commissioned to create paintings and murals in private residences, model homes and at a major medical center. Over the years, her paintings have evolved to include abstract, figurative, and mixed media pieces that reflect her personality and creativity.

A fascination with the human body inspired CJ to move to the third dimension. Imagining a new way to capture the human form, she experimented over a decade to develop a new technique to create her own original, compelling and captivating form of body casting.  CJ states, “The human form expresses a multitude of emotions, including romance, mystery, hope, despair, love, spirit, fantasy and even comedy. The body language and expressiveness of my sculptures reveal these emotions in ways that can be subtle, obvious, or even exaggerated.”

In addition to the body-cast sculptures described, CJ’s three-dimensional works include mixed-media sculptures, assemblages and collage, plus free-form and tubular sculptures.  Each piece is unique, inspired by her flair for expressing emotions perfectly.

The majority of CJ’s works are commissioned art. CJ either visits the location where the piece will be displayed or she reviews photographs of the location. “Once I get a feel for the space, I ask my clients what they want the piece to convey so I understand their motivations and needs. I will offer different ways of achieving the outcome.” Once she’s back in the studio, she carefully plans each work and then allows her heart, head, and hands to create the magic.

CJ lives in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida with her devoted, loving, kind, patient and positive husband Mace. “Who couldn’t create in that environment?”